Avecon offers the complete LiquiMAX range of liquid stable reagents for End Point, Fixed Time and Kinetic Assays in Mono liquid and Bi liquid formats. These LiquiMAX reagents are designed for maximum stability, ease of use and are adaptable to most of the colorimeter, semi and fully automated analyzer plat forms.
A premium AutoMAX product range of liquid stable reagents ( for End Point, Fixed Time and Kinetic Assays) are available in Mono liquid and Bi liquid formats from Avecon. These AutoMAX Reagents are designed and dedicated for use only on fully automated analyzers. AutoMAX reagents are available as individualized, dedicated and bar coded system packs especially for HITACHI™ 902 / 911/ 912/ 704 Analyzers.


SeroMAX agglutination range of serology kits with PET (Particle Enhanced Technology) are the best choice for small and moderately big labs. These kits are designed to provide clear- cut agglutination for the samples that are in the cut off line. SeroMAX kits do not require sample dilution and neat serum can be tested.


A Premium and comprehensive TurbiMAX range of immuno turbidImetric assay kits with PET (Particle Enhanced Technology)are made availble from Avecon to provide highest sensitivity and precision. These kits are available as ready to use liquid reagents specially designed for use on most of the semi and fully auto analyzer plat forms. Single/ Multi level calibrator/calibrators provided along with the kits.


Having understood the requirements of Indian customers, Instant View / PrecisionPLUS / MaxLINE range of rapid tests for pregnancy and , infectious diseases with Lateral flow immunochromatography test principle are made available from Avecon. These rapid tests are carefully designed to give highest level of performance in terms of sensitivity, specificity,and reliability.


Good Point Of Care instruments should give quick and reliable results. Avecon has the ones’ with advanced biosensor technology which gives the results in just 5 seconds and the results correlate with manual laboratory cumbersome procedures.


Avecon’s laboratory instruments are carefully selected as per the requirements of Indian customers. They are equipped with latest technology, features and analytical precision. The range includes from simple colorimeters to advanced semi and fully auto analyzers. Have a look at the different analyzers for different applications.


A complete range of imported micro pipettes specially designed and crafted for fatigue free pipetting comfort are made available from Avecon to ensure highest level of precision, accuracy and reliability.

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