Avecon has constructed an outstanding GMP compatible state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the development as well as for the manufacturing of Clinical chemistry, Serology, Immuno assay and Rapid test products

The Avecon’s manufacturing facility includes:

  • Validated GMP facility for the analysis of key raw materials, manufacturing of semi finished bulks and their quality control.
  • Sophisticated reagent water purification systems with high throughput to reduce the hardness almost to negligible levels.
  • Pilot scale to large scale containers which are fully compatible with the reagent storage for the preparation of bulk reagents.
  • Infrastructure for conducting stability studies at elevated temperatures.
  • Large-scale fully automated, digitally operated, compatible, contamination free filling stations for dispensing the reagents in to the reagent bottles.
  • Sophisticated R & D and QA laboratories for the development of new products as well as for the analysis of indigenously manufactured semi finished bulks/finished products
  • Advanced analytical instrumentation like semi and fully automated analyzers for biochemical as well as for the immunological assays, Cell counters for the hematological assays and Coagulometers for the coagulation assays. Avecon also proposes to have Hybridoma and Mammalian cell culture facilities to develop and manufacture its own raw materials like Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant proteins.
Avecon’s specially trained technical team operates under the guidelines set by the regulatory bodies and documents all the manufacturing activities in a comprehensive way

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