“Successful products stem from successful partnerships”. We firmly believe in this ideology. That is why whenever we deal with any OEM partners for their outsourcing and custom manufacturing needs we fully cooperate with them. It is imperative that there is understanding, trust and confidence built between our partners and us. In short, It's all about the right relation ship. From the initial product concept to its development, launch and commercialization we know what is expected and required – you can count on us.

Proven Experience:

We are now capable of providing quality products, services, knowledge, and expertise to the diagnostic and life science industries. With the clear focus of becoming recognized leader in this field, we are in the main track of establishing our relationships with several domestic/overseas partners for their outsourcing needs. Every day, our current and new potential partners are approaching us with unique and cost effective product categories.

Our technical team is continuously putting relentless efforts to expand our product portfolio and at the same time keeping the quality of our IVD products at the highest level by regular value additions and perfective maintenance. The main activities are in line with our core competence in the field of Clinical Chemistry and we are now able to offer many of the ultra stable, ready to use clinical chemistry reagents that are capable of setting bench marks.

Technology Development and Transfer :

Our talented and experienced research team can develop the technology for any complex product in the core competent areas like Clinical Chemistry, Serology, Immuno Assays, Rapid tests, Monoclonal Antibodies and Mammalian Cell Culture as per the requirements of the customer. Upon the successful completion of the product development, the technology will be transferred to the customer. In this particular activity we are very committed that, the genuine technology is developed and transferred to the customer at a reasonable royalty.

Proven Manufacturing :

We have constructed an outstanding state-of-the-art GMP facility for the development as well as for the manufacturing of Clinical chemistry, Serology and Immuno assay reagents and our validated GMP manufacturing unit has the facilities for the following :

Sophisticated R & D and QA laboratories
Liquid Formulation & Filling
Powder Blending & Filling
Rapid Test Development and Manufacturing
Immuno Assay Development and Manufacturingz
Packaging Design
Kit Assembly
OEM/Custom Formulations
Instrument Applications
Technology Development and Transfer.

Proven Quality :

Our quality control system encompasses a comprehensive and exhaustive series of stringent quality checks (Visual, Chemical and Bacteriological). The inspection at various stages of the production cycle begins with constant surveillance of raw materials, their testing, vendor assessment, Intensive in process checks. The systems are well documented meticulously as per the quality norms which guarantee lot-to-lot consistency and specific product performance time after time, after time.

Proven Compliance :

In addition to achieving total product quality, we intend to make our manufacturing processes compliant to various regulatory certifications like ISO 9002, CE and FDA. Quality, consistency and documented performance are given top priority at Avecon. Our facilities are also subject to audit and inspection by several Govt regulatory agencies like State and Central Drug Control Authorities and Indian FDA.

Proven Support :

Our commitment to the business runs deep in terms of involvement, support and resource dedication. We truly recognize that, to provide complete solutions to customers' outsourcing needs our support must be an integral part of the commitment. Our team with extensive IVD industry experience is relentlessly working towards understanding customers' needs and their product specifications. Our team addresses those requirements in time, within the specifications and budget.

Let us help you to help us :

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